Together We Are Hillington Park

Last summer MEPC Hillington Park invited us to produce a short promotional film that presents a day in the life of Scotland’s largest business park. The purpose was to attract further investment and business to the area.

We spent seven days capturing the diverse and fascinating community that exists around the former Rolls Royce site. Amongst the more unusual sights are an Oscar statuette (won for ‘Seawards The Great Ships’ [1962] and housed in the screen archive), a group of bee hives for harvesting the park’s honey and, my favourite, the factory of Sutherland’s cakes.

The opening borrows an excerpt from ‘Wealth of a Nation,’ a Films of Scotland production from 1938. It’s a powerful reminder of Hillington’s status as Scotland’s most established centre for business and industry.
Today, the ethos and ambition remains the same – Hillington is a centre of innovation, where the prestige of Scottish craftsmanship has always stood high, attracting global attention and supportive appreciation.

The film features an original soundtrack from Glasgow based composer John Lemke and dramatic drone footage.